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  • Cool Smoke not only reduces harm to yourself but to the environment too.
No worrying about the pollutant effects being released into the air as you smoke. Cool Smoke offers a ‘green’ alternative to traditional cigarettes. Cigarette butts account for 21% of trash and waste and can take up to 10 years to decompose. Eliminate waste and harmful pollutants by choosing an environmentally friendly cigarette.
  • You never have to worry about ashtray smell and bad breath!
Do you use other products to mask the smell of your cigarette as you return back to work? Maybe its gum, or perfumes and colognes, but that only adds to the costs you spend smoking cigarettes. With Cool Smoke, you never have to worry about the ashtray smell and bad breath because e-cigarettes don’t give off smoke; they produce water vapor.
  • Combine the best of smoking, without the fear of cancer and/or other health risks!
A guilt-free, satisfying e-cigarette giving you all the benefits of nicotine without toxins, tars and poisons. Have you experienced the groggy after affects of a cigarette binge? It drains your energy only giving you minutes of satisfaction before you find your cigarette ashed and your body tired. With Cool Smoke your body will notice the relief by cutting out those added poisons. Clients tell us that they feel better, breathe easier, and find improvements to their skin.
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